• More than 26,000 children in Washoe County are food insecure.
  • 1 in 5 children in Washoe County regularly deal with hunger and often rely on cheap and unhealthy food.

In other words the only solid meals most these children are getting are while they’re in school.  I recently corresponded with a principal of a elementary school that greatschools.org gave a perfect rating of 10.  They are struggling to provide 29 families with weekly food bags that they need in order to survive the weekend.  Even the best schools aren’t immune to hunger, and it remains a huge problem throughout Washoe County.

  • 2,600 youth experienced homelessness last year.  300 lived on the streets.
  • 19% of the children live in poverty.
  • 66% of food bank clients are either children or seniors

Personalize this what would you do if your children, your parents, or your grandparents didn’t know when their next meal was going to be?

  • 37% of emergency recipients are children under the age of 18